Limited Edition Women's Running Tops

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Your New Favourite

Attention to detail.  Fabric that breathes. Style that flatters. These high quality women’s running tops are sure to become the favorite in your drawer.

Discover Local Artists

Local artists have collaborated with us to create distinctive limited edition running tops.  Only 300 of each design are being made – get yours!

Support Local Running

10% of our profits go to organisations that are spreading the love of running in the local community.


Read about our favorite places to run in the city and where we’ve been exploring.


1. Choose your Edition

We’ve created city x artist limited edition running tops. Discover new artists in the city you’re exploring.

2. Receive your shirt

Sit back, relax and plan your run.  Your shirt is being mailed to your home address.

3. Run That City

Choose one of our tried and tested routes or create your own. Run that City!

Explore the world. Nearly everything is really interesting if you go into it deeply enough.

Richard P. Feynman

Lost time is never found again.

Benjamin Franklin


At Run That City we know that you want to experience the best of the cities you visit.  But to get the most out of an unfamiliar city,  you need to get onto the inside track.  The problem is that finding local running routes, cafes and artists takes time, which you don’t have when you’re travelling for work.  We understand what it is to only see the inside of conference centers, offices and hotel rooms; to buy souvenirs from airport shops.  That is why we have created Running Editions, carefully curated collections of recommended routes, post-run drinks and local artist-designed, limited-edition shirts. And each Edition also supports non-profit organisations promoting sport in the city.  So you can feel good about your business travel.

Sound interesting?  Here’s how to take part:

  1. Choose your city: Where are you going next? Sign up for our limited-edition running collection in that city and pack your running shoes.
  2. Run: Choose one of our tried and tested routes or create your own. Run that City!
  3. Enjoy: Relax after your run at a local cafe and enjoy your limited edition tank created in collaboration with local artists. Know that you’re also supporting local sport in the city.

So, next time you’re travelling to a new city, take part in one of our Running Editions. Don’t miss out: lace up your shoes, get out and explore.

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Stop travelling on autopilot and discover what the city has to offer.