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Bowen Road & The Peak 12k Loop

Stunning views over Hong Kong’s skyscrapers and harbours, this loop takes in two of the most iconic spots to run in the city.  With some flat sections where you can find your stride and some tough hills to challenge you, this city centre route has it all.  Run Hong Kong!

This route starts and ends at the top of the mid-level escalators.  The first kilometre follows a few twists and turns along mid-level roads to get to the start of Bowen Road. From the top of the escalators turn left and along Conduit Road.  Shortly after, at the fork in the road, take the right-hand side and follow Glenealy down and around until you hit Robinson Road.  Cross the road and turn right.  Continue following Robinson Road, it will become Garden Road and the Magazine Gap Road.  Use the pedestrian crossing just past Brewin Path. Take a slight left, and you’ve hit the start of the beautiful Bowen Road.

Continue along Bowen Road until you hit the Bowen Road fitness trail.  Follow the trai for about half a kilometer and turn right when you reach Wan Chai Gap.  From here the climbing begins!  Run (or walk) up the long Wan Chai Green Trail. 

Cross Stubb Road and continue a slight right up Coombe Rd.  At the top of Coombe Road, turn left on Peak Rd then right on Barker Road. Continue winding your way up Barker Road until you come to the Barker Road Peak Tram station.  Cross under the tracks. At the fork, take the left and continue up Old Peak Road.  With the final few steps, you’ve made it to the peak tower and finished the climbing section of this route!

Turn right and continue along Lugard Road, soaking in the panaramic views.  After looping around along Lugard Road you will come to a pavilion, and a few paths splitting off from the road.  Take a sharp right followed by a second right at the signpost for Hatton Road.   The Hatton Road trail continues downhill for 1.5 km.  Shortly after the trail becomes a trafficed trail it crosses Conduit Road.  Turn right and continue back to the top of the escalator.


Getting Here

Take the mid-levels escalator to Conduit Road, right at the top.  Remember it runs down between 6am and 10am, and up between 10am and midnight.  So if you’re running early morning you’ll have to use the stairs that run alongside the escalator, take a bus to the start (City Mapper can help) or jump in a taxi.

Food & Drink

At the peak station you’ll find washrooms and places to get some more water, if you’re running low.

One of the main reasons to start this loop at the top of the escalators is the choice of coffee shops to enjoy after the run.  We recommend Blend & Grind or Elephant Grounds.

Changes to the Route

It’s possible to cut out the first section of this route that runs along busy roads.  Start at the entry to Bowen Road and the run will be shortened by about 1 km.

If you’re looking to avoid the elevation gain, it’s probably best to split this run in two.  Loop around the peak and tackle the entire length of Bowen Road on two separate runs.

If the day is especially clear, and you’re looking for a little more elevation, detour up to the top of High West.  You can get onto the trail that will lead you up just before you join the morning route.  Terrific 360-degree views will reward you from the top!

More Info

Aim for sunrise or sunset and you’ll be amazed by the twinkling lights of Hong Kong and the way the sunlight reflects off the skyscrapers!

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