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RUN of the Week: High Junk Peak & Clear Water Bay

One of the most beautiful runs in Hong Kong!  With over 750 meters of elevation gain, this challenging 18k trail run rewards you with spectacular views over country parks, sparkling sea and glimpses of Hong Kong’s towers in the distance.

From the Ng Fai Tin pavilion, the trail starts with a set of paved stairs that soon merge into a dirt path. After the initial climb, this route has a relatively flat few kilometres along a ridge. Blissfully shaded and perfect for trail running. Stick to the High Junk Peak Country Trail, following the country trail signs rather than the mountain bike signs. This route doesn’t take you to the top of High Junk Peak, although there is an easy detour if you want the extra elevation gain and views.

Once past the trail exit towards Sheung Sze Wan, the route continues above the Clear Water Bay beaches. There is a set of steep stairs down. Continue straight along and back up and over Tin Ha Shan. Views over the Clear Water Bay Country Club and out towards Hong Kong Island are beautiful.

As you leave High Junk Peak Country Trail, turn right and follow Tai Au Mu Road for just over 3 kilometres. At the roundabout, turn right and follow the road into the Clear Water Bay country park.

At the entrance of the country park turn left just before the parking lot. From there join Lung Ha Wan Country Trail. Follow the beautiful trail up and over the hills to end at an equestrian centre. Turn left and follow Lung Ha Wan Road along the coast and back up to Clear Water Bay Road. Turn right onto Clear Water Bay Road and continue along the road just over 2 kilometres back to your starting point.


Getting Here

Take the 103M bus from Tseung Kwan O station to Ng Fai Tin.  Be warned, it’s often very busy on weekends. The 91 bus will also get you to the starting point from Diamond Hill.  Or jump in a taxi from Hang Hau.

If you’re planning on driving there are a few possibilities.  If you arrive (very) early you can park at the Country Park.  There’s also metered parking at Clear Water Bay beach, but there’s a 2-hour limit so you may have to cut this route short to make it back before the meter expires!

Food & Drink

There are no water stations on the High Junk Peak Country Trail so be sure to carry enough water and food for the first half of this route.  At 10 kilometres, there is a small restaurant at the Tai Au Mun roundabout, the intersection of the two loops making up this route.  Here you can buy water and snacks or stop for some noodles too.  There are also facilities (toilets and vending machines) at Clear Water Bay beach and at the entrance of Clear Water Bay country park.

Changes to the Route

Well worth the detour, leave High Junk Peak Country Trail and climb the peak itself.  The last section is very steep – much more of a scramble than a run – but the 360-degree view from the summit is certainly worth the effort.

To shorten the route there are a few possibilities. At about kilometre 4, turn left down a set of stairs coming out at a kingfisher statue, just above Clear Water Bay beach 2.  This will cut out about 3 kilometres, and also 200+ meters of climb.  Another option is to run only the High Junk Peak or the Country Park loop.  Another easy way to shorten the route is to start and finish at the top of Sheung Sze Wan road, shortening the route to about 14 kilometres.

More Info

More information can be found on the government’s Leisure and Cultural department: High Junk Peak and Country Park.

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