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Plover Cove 22k Loop

Choose a clear day, and this spectacular Plover Cove run over varied terrain in the northern New Territories will reward you with terrific views and changing scenery.

We start this 22k loop at the entrance to the Bride’s Pool Nature Trail.

After crossing the pool, we continued along past Kau Kam Tso: lots of steps, some flat trail and really pretty steams. At about 3k, there is a signpost. Turn right, up the rocky path towards Tai Tung. At Tai Tung the route joins the Plover Cove Reservoir Country Trail. Turn left towards Luk Wu Tung.

From Luk Wu Tang the hilly trail continues for about 5k, with Plover Cove to the right and Tolo Channel to the left. On a clear day, you’ll be able to see the white statue of Tsz Shan Monestry off to the right.

The dirt trail ends at the reservoir sub dam. Cross the sub dam and follow the road across little Pak Sha Tau island. You’ll then come to the 2 kilometre long Plover Cove dam.

The dam is a welcome break from the hills and offers a stark change of scene. There’s always a stream of runners, walkers and cyclists along the dam, and views of wakeboarders in Plover Cove to the left.

The dam ends in Tai Mei Tuk. Continue straight until you hit the main Ting Kok Road. Turn right and the road will become Bride’s Pool Road, leading back to the start point.


Getting Here

Plover Cove is in the northern New Territories and for many will be harder to access than the more central running routes.  There is parking at Tai Mei Tuk, but as the parking is metered with a two-hour limit, we parked at the entrance to the Bride’s Pool Nature Trail.  Here the parking is free and very convenient, but it does fill up on weekends and bank holidays. 

To get here by public transport, take the green minibus 20R bus from Tai Po. (Alternatively, the bus 20C will take you as far as Tai Mei Tuk, and the route could be adjusted to start and stop there.)

Food & Drink

The majority of this route follows trails around the reservoir, so be sure to bring enough water and food with you.  Vending machines with drinks are available near the start point, across the road by the toilet block. 

Kiosks at Tai Mei Tuk are a very welcome sight after a hilly 18k!  Here there are lots of places to replenish your water supplies.

Changes to the Route

If you’re arriving by public transport or a taxi, consider starting and finishing the route at Tai Mei Tuk.  You’ll avoid a final uphill push and finish near restaurants for some post-run refreshments.

If you’re looking for a shorter, flatter run, start at Tai Mei Tuk and run an out-and-back route. Start by crossing the dam and then continue along the trails counterclockwise to hit your target distance.

More Info

As you circle the reservoir on this run, you’ll catch a glimpse of the 76-meter tall, gleaming white Guan Tin Statue.  For an up-close look, book a visit to the Tze Shan Monastery. Tickets need to be booked in advance from their website.

There’s also lots to do near Tai Mei Tuk, from restaurants to water sports – if you still have the energy!

For more information, visit the AFCD’s website Plover Cove Country Park.